Choosing the best type of flooring for each room in your Colorado Springs home is a difficult task. There are numerous flooring options for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. 

It takes a lot of thought to choose between hardwood, carpet, laminate, and luxury vinyl plank (LVP), as well as stone and tile. However, we are here to assist you with your flooring choices in Colorado Springs. At LifeStyle Floors, we speak the flooring language, and we understand that it’s not just about style and design, but also about the quality and durability of your floors.

The more durable and sustainable a floor material is, the more expensive it should be. However, at Lifestyle Floor, we offer affordable options in a variety of price ranges.

Maybe you need new floors in your Colorado Springs home but haven’t decided yet. Continue reading to learn about the best flooring options for your home.

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7 Types of Flooring Materials in Colorado Springs, CO

1. Hardwood Flooring

Because wooden flooring, like timber, complements many interior design schemes, it is a popular choice in many Colorado Springs homes. Furthermore, hardwood floors are long-lasting when properly treated and cared for.

Hardwood floors are so common that you can find them in almost every local flooring store or full-service flooring store near you. The cost of maintaining hardwood floors, on the other hand, can put them at a disadvantage. However, with Lifestyle floors, our professionals can install and maintain your hardwood floors at a low cost.

2. Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors have a natural wood veneer on top of a heat-produced wood core. The stability of engineered wood makes it an excellent alternative to underfloor heating. Additionally, it is easier to install than hardwood flooring.

Call us at 719-203-4094 if you decide to use engineered wood for your Colorado Springs flooring project. We complete every flooring job with the best flooring products and the goal of making you happy.

3. Laminate Flooring

Unlike hardwood floors, this flooring is made of synthetic materials. Laminate floor manufacturers make these floors from high-density fiberboard. Before applying a tough, wear-resistant coating, a photographic image of a tile or timber is laminated on the floor’s surface.

This flooring option is popular due to its low cost, anti-scratching properties, and ease of installation—laminate floors are best suited to busy areas of the home and areas that are not exposed to moisture.

Don’t be concerned if you require new flooring in Colorado Springs. Our laminate flooring installation experts at Lifestyle Floors are experienced and skilled, and we provide complete satisfaction.

4. Real Stone Flooring

This flooring option provides a durable and elegant flooring solution, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. Terracotta tiles, limestone, and marble are examples of stone floors that add elegance, style, and warmth to a kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

Stone flooring is more of a one-time flooring solution, and your stone floors should last forever if properly installed. The best part is that this flooring option has the potential to increase the value of your Colorado Springs property.

To avoid the risk of cracking and chipping floors, it’s best to contact a professional flooring service if you want stone floors in your Southern Colorado home. At Lifestyle Floors, we strive to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services. Call us right away!

5. Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is made up of plasticizers, PVC, and color pigments. A luxury vinyl floor is available in sheet, plank, or tile form. Vinyl is ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors because it is non-porous and, to some extent, resilient, making it comfortable to walk on.

Because of its properties, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are more expensive than standard vinyl options. Luxury vinyl is a distinct type of flooring that uses the same PVC vinyl as standard vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl is available in plied planks or tiles with wear layers ranging from 2 to 8 millimeters thick, making it thicker and more durable than standard vinyl. Vinyl is a versatile and beautiful flooring option, with prices ranging from affordable to nearly as much as some hardwood flooring options. Choose luxury vinyl floors if you want to enjoy vinyl floors without looking cheap.

6. Carpet

Carpets are available in pure wool, synthetic fibers, or a combination of the two. Carpets are available in a variety of colors, designs, and price points. If you look hard enough, you’ll find the perfect carpet for every room you want to put one in.

Carpets are ideal for high-traffic or low-traffic areas such as the living room, bedroom, and closets. Maintain your carpet by vacuuming regularly and scheduling professional carpet cleaning at regular intervals.

The accumulation of dirt and grime is the primary reason why some people dislike carpets. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, can assist in removing tough stains.

7. Rubber Flooring

This highly durable flooring option is gaining popularity among Colorado Springs homeowners looking to install low-cost floors. Rubber flooring is inexpensive and ideal for home areas such as playrooms and game rooms.

Surprisingly, rubber floors are available in a variety of colors and for as little as $15–$20 per square foot.

Which Is the Least Expensive Flooring Option?

The answer is relative to your budget, and what you consider affordable may be expensive for another person. If you want inexpensive and decent flooring for your Colorado Springs home, consider carpet.

Perhaps you’re not sure about your floor choice; contact our experts for assistance throughout the process. You can rely on us to provide first-rate service for your flooring project.

flooring options
flooring options

Let Lifestyle Floors Handle Your Flooring Projects in Colorado Springs, CO

Floors are an important feature that adds beauty to a home. The type of flooring you use in your rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms says a lot about your home and increases its value. However, your flooring will only exhibit these properties if it is properly installed—which is where we come in.

Poor floor installation may leave you frustrated. However, if you contact Lifestyle Floors, you can avoid this. We provide excellent flooring services in Colorado Springs.

Aside from providing excellent customer service, we complete every flooring task to the satisfaction of our clients at reasonable prices. Call Lifestyle Floors at 719-203-4094 for more information.

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