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Kitchen Projects and Inspiration

You spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in your house. Don’t settle for ordinary. Explore stylish and innovative kitchen solutions from LifeStyle Floors.

New Year!…New Kitchen?

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It’s a new year and you are ready for a kitchen that fits your lifestyle!

From new flooring such as Tile, Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile to Cabinets, Countertops and Backsplash LifeStyle Floors has you covered. Our experts can help you design your dream kitchen and give you the best options available to fit your budget as well as your vision. When you visit our showroom you will soon discover that you are in good hands and your options are endless.

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Get Inspired!

Intentionally developed for inspiration.

Shaw Floors Style Trends

Get inspired in your space with Floorvana +, a tool designed to help you find the perfect flooring match for your space. Upload images of rooms, see flooring in different installation options and share your design vision with others through a real-time Augmented Reality experience.

Match it. See it. Share it.


Create a custom color palette by uploading either your own photo or an inspirational photo. Find flooring that matches perfectly with certain colors.

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Make it real. Upload a photo of your space and select an Anderson Tuftex floor to see in that space. Choose from hardwood or carpet and rotate the flooring to see how the direction of planks or patterns changes the look. See how new flooring can transform your space.

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DIY: Peppermint Twist Christmas Wreath

Deck your halls with these ingenious embellishments made from everyday supplies

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DIY: Peppermint Twist Christmas Wreath 30

Set a sprightly tone indoors with this high-impact wreath crafted from a sweet seasonal favorite: peppermint candies.


• White or red duct tape
• 14″ Styrofoam wreath form
• 24″ piece of high-gauge floral wire
• Pencil
• 5–6 bags peppermint candies (like Star Brites Peppermints, $2.99 per bag; Brachs.com)
• Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
• 3 yards ribbon (optional)
• Tape (optional)


1. Wrap duct tape around wreath form to cover it entirely (to hide the wreath form and protect it from melting when you apply hot glue).

2. Fold floral wire in half, wrap around wreath and tie in a knot, leaving a loop to hang the wreath.

3. Lightly pencil a line onto the middle of the front of the wreath form to create a guide for your first row of candies.

4. Unwrap a piece of candy. Apply a dime-size amount of glue to the wreath form, on one side of the pencil line. Press the edge of the candy into the glue at a 45-degree angle; hold in place until fully dry (about 1 minute).

5. Working in batches, unwrap 10–15 candies (do not stack unwrapped candies as they will stick to each other), then apply a 6″ line of glue to the wreath form, following the pencil line. Press candies into glue one at a time, one in front of the other, until the row goes all the way around.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, with every other row starting in the opposite direction, until the wreath is covered (we made 6 rows of candies). Let dry.

7. For decorative ribbon: Before hanging, loop ribbon through top of wreath. Hang as you would normally, with the ribbon between the floral wire and the nail. Pull ribbon ends to top of door frame; secure with tape. Let ends hang down, trimming if necessary.

Note: This wreath is quite heavy, so be sure to hang from a sturdy nail. For indoor use only.

A few more Wreath Ideas:

image 5
Cookie Cutter Wreath
Once the final batch of Christmas cookies comes out of the oven, clean off the cookie cutters for a charming decoration. Or better yet, pick up a cheap set, so you can keep baking cookies all season long.
image 6
Vintage Bulbs Wreath
The vintage Christmas lights stashed away in your attic may no longer work, but this wreath is proof that they are still full of Christmas cheer.
image 7
Bow Wreath
Because your kids don’t really appreciate your gift wrapping skills anyway. Turn your bow stash into a colorful wreath that you can use year after year.
image 8
Sheet Music Wreath
Pick your favorite Christmas classic — “Let It Snow,” perhaps — and wrap the sheet music (music lyrics work too!) around a plain base.
image 9
Quirky Tie Wreath
If his collection of patterned ties is getting out of control, have fun with it in the form of a wreath. Added bonus if you can grab a few holiday-themed ties.
image 10
Festive Tinsel Wreath
Instead of splurging on a fresh evergreen wreath year after year, just wrap shimmery tinsel around a foam wreath and call it a day.
image 11
Ice Skates Wreath
Go for an unexpected look this year with ice skates lined in fur. Spruce up the design with pom-poms and silver ornaments.
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Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose?

Finding the best flooring for dogs is important.

After all, the surface your dog walks on can affect his joints!

Not to mention how easy to clean your house is.

If you are picking out a new floor or carpet for your home, we’ll help you make sure it is dog safe and dog friendly.

Lab Puppy
Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 44

Why the best flooring for dogs matters

If you’re considering getting a puppy, you’ve probably already thought about what you’re going to feed them and the best training methods.

But new puppy owners are often unaware of the dangers of raising a puppy on a very slippery surface.

Certain flooring can cause your dog to slip and slide around, possibly crashing into furniture and injuring themselves.

This lack of support can contribute to the development of hip dysplasia, a common skeletal condition that commonly affects larger breeds.

Hip Dysplasia and the best flooring for dogs

There are a few things that contribute to the onset of hip dysplasia in dogs, with genetics being the foundation for the condition; it’s hereditary.

However, it can be exacerbated by environmental conditions like your dog’s weight, nutrition, and even the type of floor they commonly walk on.

As puppies grow, they can slide around on slippery surfaces, not being able to get any traction.

When this happens, their joints are being affected, as they’re taking the brunt of the movements.

When the puppies should actually be using their muscles.

Dogs raised on a slippery surface are 1.6 times more likely to develop canine hip dysplasia.

Adult Dogs and Flooring

Aside from hip dysplasia, different flooring can pose problems for both adult dogs and you.

Adult dogs are prone to slipping and sliding on floors, possibly crashing into furniture and injuring themselves.

dog constipation
Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 45

Also, depending on the type of flooring, you’ll be faced with more clean-up.

Certain flooring is more prone to attracting hair and mess, and your dog’s nails could cause permanent damage.

Having non-slip flooring is especially important for senior dogs who are more fragile.

When a slip could result in a serious injury, it’s best to take precautions.

With that said, let’s take a look at some common flooring to see which is best for your dog.

Best Flooring For Dogs – Choosing Your Type

So what is the best flooring for dogs?

Let’s break down some of the options.

Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 46


Is carpet the best flooring for dogs, despite the hair and muck?

You probably don’t think of carpet as being a great option for your dog.

Carpet attracts dog hair like a magnet, making it a nightmare to maintain if you have a breed that sheds a lot.

Accidents are also that much more problematic when you have to clean them off of the carpet.

But if it were up to your dog, your entire house would be covered in carpet.

It’s warm, soft, and is the best non-slip flooring for dogs out there.

With carpet, you can rest assured that your dog won’t be slipping and sliding.

Carpet is also great for puppies if you’re worried about hip dysplasia.

It gives them the traction they need to walk and run around.

Puppy names 772155 1
Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 47

You know your dog best.

If they don’t shed a lot and aren’t prone to accidents, carpet could work. But for most dog owners, carpet will be a lot of maintenance.

If you’re willing to put in the work, your dog will appreciate it.

image 1
Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 48


Vinyl flooring for dogs might be the best flooring for dogs.

It’s known as resilient flooring.

It is very durable with its scratch resistance and ability to expel water being notable qualities.

It’s also really easy to clean.

Luxury vinyl is thicker than other types of vinyl – it will last a very long time in your household.

All vinyl repels dog hair, meaning all you need is a quick vacuum to get rid of any shedding.

Accidents are also easily cleaned up with a simple cloth – no scrubbing needed.

Your dog will thrive on vinyl too, especially luxury vinyl.

It’s actually softer than hardwood and laminate flooring, and it’s easier for your pet to build traction on.

Luxury vinyl is truly the best flooring for both you and your dog.

With all of that said, vinyl flooring is actually quite affordable.

But you won’t want to skimp on quality if you’re looking for flooring that’ll last you a long time.

Splurge on luxury vinyl – you won’t regret it.

dog lying tile
Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 49


If combatting pet hair and keeping your home tidy is your number one priority, tile for dogs could work.

It’s stain resistance, tough, and water resistant.

However, tile is quite cold, not to mention how hard it is.

Your dog will probably be uncomfortable if your entire home is covered with tile.

But if you do go this route, make sure to put down plenty of rugs for your pup.

image 2
Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 50


Many claim that laminate flooring is the best if you have a dog.

It’s very durable and tough, being pretty much scratchproof.

Clean-ups are effortless.

And it’s cheap!

But while it’s convenient, it’s not great for your dog.

Laminate is extremely slippery.

Puppies and adult dogs alike won’t be able to build any traction on laminate.

Causing them to slide all over the place, this is a hazard.

If you have laminate and can’t replace it, make use of plenty of area rugs.

image 3
Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 51


You probably want to know which hardwood flooring is best for dogs, as that’s what’s in most homes.

However, hardwood isn’t really the best for pet owners.

Wood floors and liquids are enemies.

If your dog were to have an accident, your floor could be seriously damaged.

Liquids can cause hardwood to stain and swell up. They’re also prone to showing scratches.

But if you’re dead set on hardwood, you need the pricier engineered hardwood.

It has a tougher finish and has multiple layers to it, giving it some protection against damage.

A solid hardwood floor can be as durable as vinyl, but it’ll cost you a lot of money.

Flooring for Dogs

With that said, it’s possible to make most types of flooring work for dogs.

If you have a slippery, cold floor like laminate, lay down plenty of rugs for your dog.

Try to give them their own space to play that has a more comfortable flooring.

So they don’t get too playful on the potentially dangerous floor.

Keep your dog’s nails trimmed, too!

This will help them build traction while keeping your floor safe from scratches.


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Best Flooring for Dogs – Which Type Will You Choose? 52

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References and Further Reading

SinglePost 9 News Image 3

The Importance of Good Flooring

Jacqueline Gray • Dec 2, 2011 – https://www.privateproperty.co.za/

The floors of a house take the brunt of our everyday activities and are usually the first surfaces to reflect wear and tear. As such it’s important to invest in floors which will keep pace with your daily life and add value while simultaneously infusing your home with a touch of class.

There are hundreds of flooring options to choose from though which can be overwhelming. Moreover, it’s important to choose the right flooring from the outset as the wrong floors can actually detract from a house and cost you money to replace should the need arise. Floors Direct Marketing Manager Helen Marshall says there are a few factors which need to be considered when choosing floors for a home.

Functionality: “The function of a room influences the flooring required,” says Marshall. “For example, wooden flooring works beautifully in the living room, but is certainly not an option for the bathroom as it will warp due to the high moisture content.

“Consider whether the room will have a high or low traffic flow and how much wear and tear the new flooring will be exposed to. For a high traffic area, make sure you choose a durable option which is easy to maintain. Rooms that experience high footfall, such as the entrance area, passage and kitchen require flooring that is resistant to water, stains, scratches and scuff-marks”, she says.

Installation: Marshall explains that you need to decide whether you are going to install the floor yourself or whether a supplier will install it, as this will have an impact on the cost. She also advocates requesting a few samples to take home and view in the area where the flooring will be installed. “This allows you to view the sample in the correct lighting and to determine whether or not it matches the rest of the décor.”

Style: Select colours that complement the mood that you would like to create and match your décor style. “For a calming ambience, select lighter more neutral colours. If you would like to create a warm and cosy look, try a dark wood option. Solid wood flooring creates a premium, authentic look that will provide your home with a warm ambiance and years of good service. No matter what type of wooden flooring you choose, you’re guaranteed a beautiful and elegant floor. ”

For those who would like wooden floors but who are on a budget, Marshall says there are a variety of affordable laminate flooring options available in a wide range of colours which replicate the look of real wooden floors.

Going green: “Those seeking to go the green route should consider bamboo floors,” says Marshall. Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options you can choose for your home. It’s also exceptionally durable and visually appealing.”

Maintenance: Everyone wants to keep their floors looking like new, therefore analysing the cost of care and maintenance is essential. “In a house where residents lead an active lifestyle or where family and friends are often entertained, avoid flooring that requires a lot of care and maintenance”, says Marshall.

Laminate floors are extremely easy to maintain and dirt can simply be mopped away with a microfiber mop or damp cloth. When opting for solid wood floors, make sure that they require no sanding or sealing once installed, but that they are ready to be installed and walked upon immediately.

Future needs: “If you would like to change your decor scheme in the near future or if you know your needs are going to change, opt for laminate flooring, which is easier to replace,” advises Marshall. The reasoning behind this is because laminate flooring is a ‘floating’ floor system and is therefore not nailed to the subfloor. Solid wood flooring is a long-term investment and is a permanent fixture.

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