The Best Flooring for Colorado

ASK THE EXPERT | Brittani Bailey, Director of Operations

Here in Colorado, there are a lot of options when it comes to flooring, and I want to discuss a little bit about the pros and cons to the different flooring options that are available to you and what I see in Colorado.

One of my top picks for flooring in Colorado is Hardwood flooring.

The reason why I chose hardwood floors is because it is a 100-year floor. So, you could put down a hardwood floor and it could last you a lifetime or two. The pros to hardwood, especially here in the Colorado dry climate, would be the versatility in the species. You can also get different widths, which add character and visual interest to a space. On the con side, you also have the lack of humidity here and that does mean the floor will react.

You need to understand if you are going to have a hardwood floor, that there will be some gaps in your floors, and it is a little bit more prone to scratches with the pebbles and rocks that we have in our landscaping out here. I like hardwood floors because if you understand that those are characteristics of the floor, it builds character. Over the years, this may be a great floor for you. It’s something that you can put down one time and you could possibly refinish depending on the type of floor you choose in hardwood. We carry both hardwood and engineered hardwood floors.

One other flooring that is available would be a luxury vinyl plank. Luxury vinyl plank is one of the most commonly used products here in Colorado Springs.

Luxury vinyl plank floors are great because they are waterproof. The floors we carry also have a pad attached. But I do know that there are a lot of people who believe that they are a scratch proof floor. That’s not 100% true about luxury vinyl plank. Luxury vinyl plank is built to have multiple layers of protection on the floor. So, the wear layer of the floor will scratch. You will have some scratches or indentation in the wear layer. But the image will not scratch because they have put so many protective layers on top. (We do recommend following the manufacturers care instructions)

A luxury vinyl plank floor is a cost effective flooring. It’s something that you could put in a rental property or something that’s long term as well.

Tile is another great option of flooring. I do find that not as many people use tile here in Colorado as it is cold underfoot. It can be pricey to add heating systems underneath a tile, but it is possible.

Typically anyone who is using tile throughout the main living spaces outside of the bathroom and kitchens, either has really large dogs or they are trying to prevent scratches.

Did you know tile is the only floor that does not truly scratch? Tile gets micro abrasions on the top, but it’s not a deep scratch that prevents you from having a beautiful floor. You would have to really get down on your hands and knees, kind of look at it in direct light to see those micro abrasions in the tile.

The other option when it comes to floors here in Colorado would be carpet. Carpet is going to be your most cost-effective flooring throughout all the flooring options that we have at Lifestyle Floors.

Carpet comes in a wide range of colors, variations and textures.

You could use different types of pads to get a different feel. It’s truly up to you what you would like to see in a carpet. It’s a great option. We keep carpet in stock here in our showroom because we find the value in carpet.

If you want to find out more about any of the floors that we have discussed today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at 5980 Stetson Hills Boulevard, suite number 110, you can ask for myself or Kevin and we will be happy to assist you with what floors work best for your home.

Our goal is to help you find the BEST FLOORS FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE!

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